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Expert Statistical and Data Services

Supporting companies to develop and execute their biopharmaceutical and medical device products.

What we do


Statogen Consulting supports companies to develop and execute their biopharmaceutical and medical device products by combining innovative methods, development and international submission expertise. We have local, national and international clients, and our office is located near the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, USA.


Statogen Consulting has more than 25 years of experience with a core goal to ensure that novel molecules and devices translate more rapidly into better medical treatments by applying the most efficient methods and processes.

Statistics and Data

We will work with you to optimize your study protocol, CRF, statistical analysis plan, analysis, and clinical study report.


We support our clients at every step of the product life cycle - from early stage development to post-approval activities and submission strategy.

Expert Services

In addition, we provide biostatistical expert witnessing in high-stakes pharmaceutical and medical device litigations.

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Statogen Consulting LLC is located close to Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.


To learn more about Statogen Consulting. Please Contact Us:


Phone: (978) 457-4924

Fax: (866) 880-5534

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